Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Paradogs


Saturday, 1 September 1991, "Trabanthalle", 22:25

Line up
Toon van Bodegem – vocals; Jaap Deelstra – guitars; Eric Geevers (aka Bietel) – bass; Jelle van Buuren – drums

Set list


Other info

Article from festival booklet

That same weekend, summer of 1991, Paradogs played the huge Ein Abend In Wien festival in Rotterdam, and they shared a dressing room with another trio. They were from Seattle and they were called Nirvana.
"I remember Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, alright," says Eric; "and although I honestly can't remember what was said, I'm sure I talked to Kurt Cobain. Probably just hello, I'm Eric, hi, we're Nirvana; that kinda thing. What I do remember is that one of those other guys from Nirvana tried to steal our beers after the show, and we got into a fight..."
According to Eric, it was Dave Grohl, being pissed as a parrot, who tried to nick a sixpack. Somehow he slipped and fell, got up, accused Eric of pushing him, and tried to punch him. Which isn't easy when you're drunk... so after some fisticuffs, security took care of things and threw Mr Grohl out...

"My claim to fame, kids..."


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